Short Trip to La Mongie,Southern France


I would begin with the description of the place I have recently been to because it’s pretty fresh in my mind! It is a small town in French Pyrenees region called La Mongie located in the southern France. It was a day trip, we took an hour train ride from Toulouse to Lourdes and almost hour and half bus ride from Lourdes to La Mongie. We visited the town in summer due to the perfect pleasant weather and during winters it is completely covered in snow which is still good time for skiing related activities.


During the bus ride from Lourdes to La Mongie, we came across many small villages (I don’t know names of many) but very pretty and peaceful. French people are known for their love for flowers and everyone at their home, no matter how small their house is, have their own flower pots or a mini garden which makes it look very beautiful. There was particularly one small village in which we saw few puppets that looked just like actual human being doing different gestures like a couple having coffee, a lady watering the plants, children playing in garden. I don’t know the significance of doing that but to me, it gave a very live feeling to that place.


Besides that, we saw many people bicycling on the road, some doing it alone while some in groups and route was absolutely scenic. As we approached towards La Mongie, the flat green fields became Rocky Mountains covered in clouds giving us a different view every minute. One thing I love about France is that people here really do not rely on technology and can do really well without one! They are often part of some outdoor activity groups like cycling, walking, running, camping, trekking and so on… then we reached and the place was even more beautiful than we expected. Waterfalls, green grass, sheep grazing on grass, cows having their little bells on their neck making a great sound while they walk, horses ranging from snow white to beautiful brown colors…Seeing all together was so overwhelming, I find it difficult to describe the feeling in words. For a moment, I felt like I was in Switzerland (due to my previous trip a month ago to Berne, Interlaken region). The weather was just pleasant which made our trip so great. We had some food sitting in an outdoor café and had a walk in mountains. La Mongie is a small town mainly famous for Pic du Midi, an astronomical observatory. The view from the observatory is spectacular. From this town you can take cable car (or you can take your own car) which takes you to the top and there you have panoramic view of the mountains and a museum to visit. We were running out of time so we decided to take a walk of town and explore it by walking looking at the range of things it had to offer, from beautiful nature to outdoor cafes to great little gift shops. I will be posting few pictures here so you can have a better idea of what the place looks like. Enjoy!

DSCN3471 DSCN3496 DSCN3546 IMG_20130721_232337


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