Travel Rome in an inexpensive way

This article is about travelling Rome in an inexpensive yet luxurious way. We took a flight from Toulouse to Rome in EasyJet! EasyJet is a budget airline and it flies across Europe. We wanted to spend only few days and so this was a good deal. It’s advisable to book flights in advance to avoid any kind of flight unavailability because they run on specific days only. The advantage of flying in EasyJet is quick check-in and checkout process as they allow only one hand luggage per traveler. I will also quickly list out the things you need to put in a hand luggage and pack it efficiently utilize the space in my next post.  

Transportation in Rome is very expensive compared to France or other parts of Europe so it’s advisable to book the hotel right in the city or near Metro station. Do look the actual location in Google map and avoid falling for words “near city center” in hotel description. If you arrive in Rome by airport, take a train to city center from airport to the main termini station. 

We booked a city sightseeing bus tour and it helped us a lot. There are many other tours available but this one was highly recommended. It’s called “City sightseeing Roma”. Remember to print all the tour tickets as they need a hard copy and in case you forget one, they will not allow you to board the bus and you will have to go their office to get it printed. In short avoid the hassle and print the vouchers. 


For eating out there are plenty of restaurants to eat good Italian food. There are over 100 varieties of pasta available in local shops along with different seasonings which I would strongly recommend to buy.Image 

The food was comparatively cheaper than France and way cheaper than Switzerland. Avoid eating gelatos at shop near the tourist attractions as they contain artificial colors and are expensive yet not that great either. Try walking inside the nearby lanes and you will easily locate good local authentic Italian restaurants. Many of them have happy hour menu available and hence you can save some bucks on food. Gelatos usually range from 2-10 Euros. Some expensive restaurants sell for more but don’t fall for the look because real authentic gelatos are really reasonably priced. One of them I will be listing here with the address. It’s rated highly in trip advisor and it’s very reasonable around 2-4 Euros. 

Gelateria Valentino : Via Del Lavatore, 96 | Rome, Rome, Italy





Amongst the attractions in city, Vatican City and The Altare della Patria are a must see. Spanish steps are highly overhyped and it’s ok if you skip due to lack of time. Beauty of Rome can be equally enjoyed at night because of all the lightings all over the city. We enjoyed it sitting on the top of the open bus and because of the pleasant weather it was even more magical at night. Overall Rome is a very beautiful ancient city with lots of good Italian authentic food and happy times! 



Hope you enjoyed reading it! Have a good holiday! Do post in comments for any further queries.  


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