“Season of Violets”


Hello Readers,

It has been long since I wrote… But here I am with my post about yet another interesting festival in France… Festivals are often associated with changing seasons and it is a way of humans connecting and living in harmony with nature. I came across one such festival of flowers which are very popular in France. The flower is “Violet” and it is very delicate flower with subtle flavor and enchanting fragrance. “Violet” also happens to be emblematic flower of Toulouse and they bloom in February which is why this festival is held every year in this month to honor this flower. 

It is held in the open ground “Capitole” of Toulouse which is a very famous tourist attraction. The open space is beautifully decorated like a very traditional small French village with everything in color of violet in a very creative way. Typically farmers are from the surrounding regions and display their items in such a creative and beautiful way creating a surreal world of violets. Some of the products made using violets on display are  liquor, soaps, face and hand creams, candies, macaroons, postcards, perfume,  jams, and small plants to take home as perfect souvenirs. I was very impressed by the products because these were handmade locally, creatively, artistically and well decorated. I think the little dolls in traditional French dress are perfect souvenir.  I had “Violet Chocolat Chaud” which is Hot Chocolate the French way with a subtle flavor and fragrance of violet and it was very different yet delicious drink something I will cherish it forever. 

I will be posting some of the pictures to add more meaning to my words. Thank you for reading!




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